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A true five-borough episode! The New York City Marathon hosts thousands of runners from all over the world, the dream project of the New York Road Runners and in particular one Fred Lebow, an employee of the Fashion District turned athletic icon. Find out how he launched a massive race in the midst of bankrupt New York.  

Also -- our guest host Tanya Bielski-Braham takes us on a speedy tour of the course, from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Tavern on the Green.

NOTE: This show was originally recorded in October 2008.  As a result, the cancellation of the New York Marathon -- and the controversies surrounding that -- are not included in this show.

The map included in the enhanced features of this show are for the 2014 race.  Please consult for more information.


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The spiral-ramped wonder that is the Guggenheim Museum began as the dream of two colorful characters -- a severe German artist and her rich patron art-lover. So how did they convince the most famous architect in the world to sign on to their dream for a modern art "museum temple"? Come meander with us through the Guggenheim's quirky history. Co-starring Robert Moses!


This is a special 'illustrated podcast'.  Pictures of the things we're talking about should be popping up on your computer as you listen!

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