Bowery Boys Archive: The Early Years
#55 The Evolution of Central Park When last we left Central Park, it was the embodiment of Olmstead and Vaux's naturalistic Greensward Plan. Then the skyscrapers came. Also, how did all those playgrounds, a swanky nightclub, a theater troupe and all those hippies get here? NOTE: Please forgive my butcher pronounciation of the word Jagiello!
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#54 The Creation of Central Park Come with us to the beginnings of New York's most popular and most ambitious park -- from the inkling of an idea to the arduous construction. Learn who got uprooted and find out who the park was REALLY intended for. On the 151th year anniversary of the design of Central Park! NOTE: We pronounce the name Egbert Viele wrong. It should be pronounced Veal-E, not Vee-el Some pictures in this enhanced podcast courtesy New York Public Library collection Check out our website for more information on Central Park.
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#53 Meatpacking District How did the land surrounding an old 19th century fortress develop into the city's mainline distributor for produce and meat? And how did it go from leather bars and transsexual prostitutes to high fashion stores and boutique hotels? Welcome to the Meatpacking District!
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#52 DeWitt Clinton and the Erie Canal Meet former mayor, governor, senator and privileged son DeWitt Clinton, one of New York's most successful politicians and champion of the Erie Canal.
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#51 McSorley's Old Ale House Grab yourself a couple mugs of dark ale and learn about the history of one of New York City's oldest bars, serving everyone from Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon --- and eventually even women!
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#50 Canal Street and Collect Pond We celebrate a year of New York City history podcasting by re-visiting the topic of our very first show. Downtown Civic Center used to have a big pond in the middle of it which provided drinking water for the island's first inhabitants. What happened to it, why is it important today and how did it give rise to Canal Street, New York's biggest traffic thoroughfare?
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# 49 LaGuardia Airport and Early New York Flight We embark on the tale of the birth of New York City flight -- featuring a Wright brother on Governor's Island, the site of a glue factory turned Brooklyn air strip, Queens' forgotten first airport, and finally to the pet project of mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.
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#48 The Stonewall Riots It's the summer of 1969, and the police have raided the Stonewall, a popular gay bar in the West Village. Join us as we look at the raid, the riots, and their significance today.
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#47 Grants Tomb What's buried in Grant's Tomb? A quirky history that includes an ambitious architect, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, lots of ugly raspberry paint, and charges of prostitution and animal sacrifice! Oh yeah, and that Civil War guy's buried here too....
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#46 Barnum's American Museum You know PT Barnum from his circus, but he was bringing the freakshow to New York long before then. Come take a tour with us of the craziest museum to ever hit New York City. Co-starring the Fejee Mermaid, the Witch of Staten Island, Tom Thumb, the original Siamese twins, some unfortunate whales, and the strange and mortally offensive What IS It?
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